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Article Where do I find POP3/IMAP/SMTP configuration information for Outlook/Thunderbird?
Configurations for mail clients are provided every time you create an email account in our control panel. For further assistance, please submit a...
Views: 1604
Article I am based overseas. How do I pay for your services?
Clients overseas can pay for our services using Paypal (USD). Bank transfer can also be accepted but would incur some charges. For more...
Views: 1577
Article Is root access provided for managed cloud servers?
Yes, all cloud servers come with full root access (through SSH or WHM)
Views: 1532
Article How do I access Webmail?
Most clients can access webmail through the link http://webmail.yourdomain.com or http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail (replace "yourdomain.com" but...
Views: 1531
Article We are based outside Dar es Salaam or Tanzania. Can we become a partner?
Companies and individual professionals located elsewhere in Tanzania, and even overseas, are welcome to join us as partners.
Views: 1528


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